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                Code boursier: 300393
                Centre de presse
                Jolywood talked on TOPCon Industrialization Technology Seminar

                TOPCon Industrialization Technology Seminar was held by Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic and Energy Conservation Materials (CAS) and well-known solar technology media Mole PV on 17 September 2021. Jolywood deputy general manager Dr. Chen Jia was invited to discuss the industry development and application of TOPCon cells and modules with PV leading enterprise and authorities.

                “As the pioneer of n-type bifacial technology industrialization, Jolywood’s R&D team engaged in development and revolution of TOPCon technology for many years and broke through in improvements of conversion efficiency. The laboratory conversion efficiency of Jolywood NTOPCon cells equipped with J-TOPCon 2.0 POPAID technology which is based on 182mm wafer has reached 25.4%*. It has passed the third-party testing certification of China National Institute of Metrology, which is currently the highest efficiency of large wafer NTOPCon cells in the industry.” Dr Chen Jia introduced that J-TOPCon 2.0 modules combine the better performance under light/electric& thermal conditions and with the advantages of lower LETID, which is more suitable for application in hot and humid areas. He said, “Jolywood has delivered modules to many utility-scale project, such as Oman Ibri 2 458MW and Amin 125MW project, ACWA 320MW power plant in Dubai and 153MW UHV in Qinghai Province. The large-scale industrialization of TOPCon cells and modules will develop rapidly over the world with the localization of key equipment and the LCOE is greatly reduced.

                Six years, Jolywood always deeply engaged in R&D of n-type bifacial technical industrialization, which achieved a breakthrough in technical performance and recognized with "little giant companies"innovative small and medium-sized enterprises from country. Jolywood has provide products and service for more than 600 clients over 50 countries, which fully demonstrate the technology and electric generation have been authoritative recognized and accepted.

                Jolywood will deliver more high-quality products, to develop solar industry in a steady pace and help customer to gain more benefit and contribute to the development of renewable energy all over the world.